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Call Us Today!
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Brewing Merchandise

We have all of the equipment and ingredients to get you brewing and keep you brewing! We are experienced brewers and we will help you get started, make recommendations, and answer your questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for we can order it for you, just give us a call and we can get you a good price.
  • Equipment kits for beginners to advanced brewers
  • Brew kits, which contain ingredients for some of your favorite brews
  • Grain for full or partial mash or steeping specialty grains
  • Yeast to convert your sugars into alcohol
  • Malt & ingredients to brew your own recipes
  • Fermenters for your brews
  • Bottling Equipment
  • Kegging Equipment
  • Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Soda Pop Extracts
  • Liqueur Extracts
  • Gift Certificates
If you are a beginning brewer, it is easy to make any all-extract beer kit taste better by just steeping some specialty grains in your wort water. It does not require any additional equipment. For advanced brewers, or an intermediate brewer looking for a challenge, working with grain is the next step. We offer a full selection of grains,  malt, adjuncts and more. We have our own mill and you can crush your grains to get the freshest flavor possible at no extra charge. We can help you learn more about partial and all-grain mashing.

We stock Wyeast liquid yeasts, along with a good assortment of dry yeast for both beer and winemaking. We can special order White Labs yeast as well!

Muntons DME is always available in 1 and 3 lb. packages. We also stock adjuncts, priming sugar, Irish Moss, water treatments, yeast nutrients, a wide variety of hops, and almost anything else you could think of adding to your beer. We carry hopped and unhopped malt extracts.

We carry wine bases and ingredient kits, along with additives for your fresh fruit wine needs.

We carry a selection of fermenters, from 7.9-gallon food grade plastic pails to 3-, 5-, 6- and 6.5-gallon glass carboys, as well as 6.5-gallon bottling buckets.

We always have 12 and 22oz beer bottles and a variety of wine bottles in stock. We usually have 1 liter and 16oz flip-top (EZ-cap) bottles and one gallon jugs available, as well. We also stock racking equipment, bottle fillers, bottle caps, cappers, corks and corkers, and bottling buckets.

We can help you get started at almost any level of kegging. We stock soda kegs converted for use with homebrew, regulators and quick-disconnects. We also stock everything you need for converting a refrigerator to a Kegerator sans the CO2 bottles.

We also stock sanitizers, thermometers, hydrometers, airlocks and stoppers, carboy accessories, various sizes of vinyl tubing, winemaking chemicals and a assortment of books, and gadgets to make your brewing experience easier.

If you have a home brewing friend and you are not quite sure what to get them, get them a gift certificate!